People coming for treatment abroad find themselves away from the familiar environment, relatives, and loved ones, who supported them at home. Patients often fall into an unfamiliar country, another culture, another daily life, another linguistic environment. All these points can be an additional stress factor for a sick person, and we’ll help to avoid it.

We are doing our best to make the process of treatment well-managed and comfortable for all our patients. We try to make our patients feel calm and confident and give them our permanent support. We accompany our patients during visits to doctors and during various medical procedures and examinations, helping to avoid difficulties in communication. We care about making all the appointments, examinations, schedule of treatment, therapeutic measures, taking necessary drugs, being performed exactly on time. We help to solve leisure issues and the daily needs of our patients and accompanying persons.

During the treatment period, we become caring friends for patients and ready to help, if necessary. 

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